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BNEXT – A Brief Insight

BNEXT AAC Block is a fully integrated building system of high-quality, light-weight, load-bearing & extremely well insulating building precast material produced by mixing silica rich material fly ash, cement, lime, gypsum, aluminum powder paste & water. This premium range of AAC Block offers strong advantages over conventional building materials because of its exceptional product properties & ease of construction. An energy conserving technology that has turned over a new leat in the construction industry,BNEXT meets all the requirements of our modern age construction giving you The power to your dreams.

Strong Blocks for a
Strong Building

Advantages of BNEXT

A quality product you can trust
State of the art R&D Lab
Quality Certified-
ISI & ISO 9001:2015 certified
Production Capacity
300 cubic metre per day
Own fleet of vehicles
Technical assistance

We Have Best Corporate Partners

Why Choose BNEXT

BNEXT is the choice of next generation which offers Green Building & Eco-Friendly construction materials for the building needs of the construction Industry. We offer premium quality, precisely designed bricks manufactured with Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC)-a path-breaking technology in the construction Industry which has multiple benefits in modern day construction where innovation meets convenience
The AAC blocks we manufacture are fabricated using the finest quality of fly ash to ensure their durability & reliability Our products are widely accepted by the construction, architecture and engineering industry
We ensure that our products meet all International standards of testing, needed for a good construction. The manufacturing process is managed by experienced team of engineers and technicians. We also customize the thickness of the BNEXT AAC blocks based on customer centric needs & demands. This block is the new age building material of the construction industry which th will give 'The Power To your Dreams'

The biggest thing we
build is trust.


Create with the heart build with the mind.

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